FIFA 19 effective Free Kicks Tutorial

FIFA is the most leading Football Simulation video game series by EA Sports. FIFA 19 is the 26th official title in the series that was released on September 28, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. The game features the UEFA club competitions for the 1st time including with UEFA Champions League. FIFA 19 also return Alan Smith and Martin Tyler as a regular commentator while a new team of commentators also introduced in the game that offers Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

In this article, we’ll detail how to free kicks tutorial is effective in FIFA 19.

This guide will cover all the best free kicks including Knuckleball, Trivela, and Robana. Many gamers are unsure of how to consistently score lesser known types of free casual Kicks in FIFA 19 and will only try to perform standard shot over the wall or lay the ball off. Being able to score from every game free kick can be a game-changer. This is the fact that many gamers are often presented with these goal scoring opportunities throughout most matches.

The FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League offers a platform for players to get existing rewards and qualifying for the variety of events. Understand how to beat your opponent player from free kick states can help you to achieve better ranks and more wins that will result in better rewards. Also, in this guide, we’ll explain types and free kicks and which free kicks are suitable for each situation that depends on how far and which angle the ball is away from the goal.

FIFA 19 Free Kick Tutorial

Trivela Free Kicks (Short)

Trivela free kicks can become very useful for beginners who have no idea about the free kick. In order to play this kind of free kick, you need to use your right analog stick to move the character to the opposite side of the ball. Aim diagonally with the left stick and apply one to two bars of power that will allow the player to shoot with the outside of his foot that mimics the reverse curve. Mostly Trivela free kick can be used at longer ranges.

Power Free Kick (Long)

Power Free Kick is a one of the most popular free kick in FIFA 19 and in order to perform this kind of kick you will need to aim at the wall. This is to compensate for the conservative curve that’ll automatically be applied to the ball. Shoot whilst holding two buttons such as LB and L1 and hold your left analog up until the ball reaches the goal.

Knuckleball Free Kick (Long)

Knuckleball Free Kick is similar to power free kick and used for longer ranges. To perform Knuckleball Free Kick you need to hold the left analog in the opposite direction to your character’s foot. This makes a two-way curve that basically is a knuckleball. If your shot is on target, the goalkeeper may fumble your shot at the very least that gives you the chance of a rebound.

Rabona Free Kick (Long)

Rabona free kick is my favorite FIFA 19 free kick that delivers an offensive way to score past your opponent player. To do this, you need to have selected Cristiano Ronaldo and this free kick will also need to be taken within the D shaped zone on the edge of the box. The controls for this free kick are to tap X in Xbox or tab square in PlayStation and hold the left stick to the right.

Dipping Free Kicks (Short)

It is another type of free kick and in order to dip the ball over the wall, you’ll need to aim close to the end of the wall. Load between one and two bars of power and hold your left stick up so the ball dips over the wall.

How to defend FIFA 19 free kicks

There are numbers of FIFA 19 Free Kicks to perform, each one has its own aim and keys to perform. In order to defend free kicks, you need to move the wall towards the taker. If you move defenders into the wall and then you need to press RB or R1 that will stay the player in the wall and you can move another player around. Manually move players onto the goal line in the corner to stop the free kick.

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