Great Weapons in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, each character has different abilities from other characters. Character selection is very important in this game because it deals with weapons that can be used. If you want to have a strong and fast character for leveling, you can adjust it to the weapons that are appropriate to use. Here we will discuss 3 types of weapons that can be used for the type of melee which is very useful for boosting the skills and power of the characters we use. Do not forget, we can use wow power leveling to speed up and simplify our process when leveling.

Frostmourne Sword

The Lich King figure in the WoW world is indeed very charismatic. Considered the king of death, it turns out that the power of a Lich King to be able to raise someone who has died came from his sword named Frostmourne. Initially, this sword was forged to be given to an orc named Ner’zhul who was then punished by being torn to the soul to be locked in a frozen throne aka Frozen Throne. It was Arthas Menethil, a prince from the kingdom of Lordaeron who at that time was instigated to carry this sword when he found it on the frozen land of Northrend. Arthas did not realize that Frostmourne could affect his soul and cause him to kill his own father. This sword can control the soul of the person he has killed and make it the most unique sword in the world of World of Warcraft. To get the weapon, you can get some help with wow level boost to enhance your character first.

Gorehowl Axe

Actually, the axe belonging to Grom Hellscream named Gorehowl is an ordinary axe. He is not made of special metal or has a certain magic power. Precisely the special relationship between the owner makes this axe has its own features. Grom vows to kill all his opponents, even a god with his axe. Sure enough, Grom Hellscream was able to kill Cenarius, a god protecting the forest in Azeroth with this axe. It was unexpected that his ordinary axe had claimed many victims and not just ordinary mortal beings who had been the victims. Besides Cenarius, Grom also killed a Pit Lord named Mannoroth. This story is important because Grom severed the Burning Legion curse on the Orc race after he succeeded in killing Mannoroth. He must lose his soul after Mannoroth cast his last magic to burn the area around after his stomach was injured.

The Large Doomhammer

A large hammer named Doomhammer is a special weapon and symbol of the Doomhammer clan of the Orcs. Initially, this hammer was owned by a man named Orgrim Doomhammer who was then an escapee after the first Warcraft war. Orgrim later finds Thrall, the son of his struggling friend, Durotan. When dying on the battlefield, Orgrim gave his Doomhammer to Thrall as a gift and a promise that Thrall could free his people from the curse of evil and division. Thrall can then awaken the shaman’s magic power through this special hammer. He can tie the four elements into the hammer and then directed to his opponents. Those weapons can be the Level boost wow for the character we have.

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